What is Discovery to Product or D2P?

Discovery to Product or D2P is a major new partnership between UW–Madison and the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) focused on entrepreneurship and building on a long legacy of collaboration to move UW–Madison-inspired technology and innovation to market.

The initiative is intended to provide UW–Madison faculty and students with an easy-to-access gateway to a comprehensive suite of resources to help transform ideas and discovery into companies and products to bolster Wisconsin’s economy.

UW–Madison scientists, with the help of partners like WARF, have a long tradition of entrepreneurship, and their successes range from Rayovac and Promega to TomoTherapy and Epic. Still, the path from discovery to product is littered with obstacles, from protecting the intellectual property and identifying the market to raising capital and navigating the regulatory landscape.

Therefore, D2P will use a collaborative approach to leverage current strengths and resources on campus and in the community. The program will:

  • Transform UW–Madison culture to embrace entrepreneurship
  • Produce more products that benefit the state and world
  • Create new companies that boost our economic strength
  • Make more venture capital available in the state
  • Attract more companies to Wisconsin

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