Innovation and Commercialization Specialists

Aimee Arnoldussen, PhD

Cognitive neuroscientist with expertise in medical and assistive technologies. Start-up, healthcare, research funding and FDA.

Abram Becker

Expertise in commercial strategy for pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices, and diagnostics. Start-up, non-profit, & Fortune 500 experience.

Cecily Brose

Expertise in consumer product development and commercialization. Led innovation platforms in the food industry.

David Ertl

Product management and strategy expertise in information technology. Silicon Valley, start-up, and Fortune 500 experience.

Kieran Furlong

Expertise in early-stage company building, venture capital, cleantech, agtech and manufacturing. VC investor & start-up veteran.

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‘Hands-on’ makerspace summer series reaches students remotely

In late spring 2020, the engineers who run the University of Wisconsin-Madison Makerspace began contemplating how to continue delivering the facility’s signature hands-on seminars and activities to students who were now learning at a distance. They turned to methods they know well: designing and prototyping. But in this case, rather than 3D printing a part … Continued

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State’s early stage firms raised record dollars in 2019; total deals increased slightly

The latest edition of “The Wisconsin Portfolio” shows more than $450 million was raised by the state’s early stage companies in 2019, a record for any single year in Wisconsin. The report by the Wisconsin …

WARF/UW–Madison among top 10 universities granted U.S. utility patents in 2019

MADISON, Wis. – The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, which manages intellectual property for the University of Wisconsin–Madison, has just been ranked ninth for U.S. utility patents granted in 2019, according to the annual Top 100 …