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Innovation and Commercialization Mentors

Amar Anumakonda, PhD

Tech-focused business leader with a passion for addressing global problems in energy and environment. Industry experience in innovation and commercializing game-changing technologies.

Aimee Arnoldussen, PhD

Cognitive neuroscientist with expertise in medical and assistive technologies. Start-up, healthcare, research funding and FDA.

Abram Becker

Expertise in commercial strategy for pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices, and diagnostics. Start-up, non-profit, & Fortune 500 experience.

Cecily Brose

Expertise in consumer product development and commercialization. Led innovation platforms in the food industry.

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30 Under 30 Energy 2024: Meet The Young Entrepreneurs Leading The Charge Toward A Greener Planet

From electric school buses to swanky carbon credit platforms, these under 30s are using their talents and ideas to shape the future of energy. On this year’s list is Grace Stanke, a 21-year old nuclear …

Studies find methods for removing carbon dioxide must develop faster to meet climate goals

UW researchers say novel carbon dioxide removal technologies only make up 0.1 percent of emissions removed from the atmosphere. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison say new technologies for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere …

Socks, Cardboard and Water Bottles

From November 9-13, 2023, the StartUp Learning Community hosted its annual 100-Hour Challenge, a signature innovation contest, popular with undergraduates and graduate students alike. The purpose of the fully virtual Challenge is to help participants discover …