Innovation and Commercialization Specialists

Abram Becker

Expertise in commercial strategy for pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices, and diagnostics. Start-up, non-profit, & Fortune 500 experience.

Cecily Brose

Expertise in consumer product development and commercialization. Led innovation platforms in the food industry.

David Ertl

Product management and strategy expertise in information technology. Silicon Valley, start-up, and Fortune 500 experience.

Kieran Furlong

Expertise in early-stage company building, venture capital, cleantech, agtech and manufacturing. VC investor & start-up veteran.

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News from the Innovate Network

Introducing Innovate

UW‒Madison’s new Innovate Network compiles education, funding, news, and events for faculty, staff, and student innovators. Maintained by Discovery to Product, Innovate includes resources from a wide array of campus and affiliate partners who help …

The role of the student engineer in medicine and innovation

Noted: Discussion of the rise of biomedical engineering departments (BMEs) at universities, referencing linkages between the BerbeeWalsh Prototype Pathway at the Morgridge Institute for Research, BME design courses at UW–Madison, patenting and licensing support from …

UW-Madison spinoff Atrility’s device improves pediatric heart rhythm monitoring

Atrility hopes to market a device that would help in pediatric heart surgery. The design was begun by students in UW-Madison’s department of biomedical engineering.