Opportunities for Entrepreneurial Professionals

Logo that says: D2P, Discovery to Product, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Interested in opportunities to join start-up projects spinning out of UW-Madison?

Discovery-to-Product (D2P) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison advises, mentors and assists faculty, staff and students to commercialize inventions and technologies with a focus on creating new start-up companies.  With more than $1 billion being invested annually on world-class research in the Madison campus, a rich and exciting pipeline of diverse inventions and technologies is continuously springing out of medical, life-science, agricultural, computer, engineering and other disciplines, as well as increasingly in collaborations between disciplines that seek to solve major problems and satisfy unmet societal needs.

D2P has a growing portfolio of projects heading towards start-up.  Through our rigorous process, these start-ups have strong fundamentals, are market de-risked, and being guided to launch by a team of seasoned, industry-experienced professionals with successful track records of start-ups themselves.  We set market-leading standards for our start-up prospects.

We are seeking entrepreneurial professionals to work with our nascent start-ups, to help them shape their strategies, to lead them post-launch, and to share in their success. 

D2P is seeking project mentors with a strong track record of leading teams to successful commercialization of products or services.  Ideally you will have conceived business ideas yourself, and fought to bring them to commercial fruition.  While being able to deal with advanced technologies, you will be thoroughly market-orientated.  Ideally you will have start-up company experience, will have a track-record of success in raising angel or venture capital, and securing non-dilutive financing.  You might be an early stage company investor.  Ideally you will also have domain expertise relevant to the start-up.

Please contact us if you would like to explore how you could become a key player in one of our exciting new ventures.  We know that there are a myriad of routes to start-up success, we know it takes all types of people, we are open-minded, and we would like to hear your personal approach. There are many types of roles you could play.  In return we will introduce you to our portfolio of new ventures to see if there is one of interest to you, and if you wish, keep you informed of future opportunities.