We have used engineering and analytical research to create the first true full color FDM 3D printer that can sit on your desktop. The technology we’ve created allows us to accomplish our three-fold vision: Rubiks
FULL COLORPIXEL-BY-PIXEL RESOLUTION A sturdy FDM printing process capable of instant, on-demand color switches without intervention. The high resolution and beautiful color saturation allow you to print detailed models in a way you never could before. Customizability
UNPARALLELED CUSTOMIZABILITYGIVING YOU THE PAINTBRUSH Our software gives you the virtual paintbrush to add color exactly the way you want it. Accessibility is our goal in creating the interface that lets you simply paint and walk away. Integration-01
SEAMLESS INTEGRATIONWITH CURRENT 3D PRINTER ARCHITECTURE. Spectrom works seamlessly with existing printer architecture, meaning print speeds are incredibly quick while retaining surface quality and finish. All at an unbelievably low price.