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D2P welcomes student entrepreneurs with business ideas to participate in the program.

  1. Entrepreneurs

    Students with a business idea are welcome to participate in D2P’s Pre-Igniter program to learn about market-based business and technology development. Individuals or project teams that have achieved technical proof of concept are invited to apply for admission into D2P’s Igniter Program where they would work with the D2P team to bring that project to commercialization.

  2. Project Team Member

    Proper team formation is integral to the success of a start-up company. At D2P, students have the opportunity to join existing projects in order to apply their unique skills toward the development of the project.

Often, technical leads are principal investigators, faculty, staff, or researchers who have discovered or created a new technology and are seeking to commercialize that innovation through the marketplace. Technical leads are responsible for the development and management of the business from a technical feasibility standpoint. Many of D2P’s technical leads have been leaders in their particular field of research. However, technical leads can be anyone - students, faculty, or staff - who has the ability to manage technological development within a project or start-up company.

D2P is seeking business who wish to guide a project team toward commercialization and, ultimately grow into a role as that company's Chief Executive Officer. A business lead is an individual who will spearhead the creation a scalable and sustainable business model and an executable growth strategy. Typically, business leads are experienced entrepreneurs who have a current and working knowledge of subject technology’s industry and marketplace.

D2P relies on mentors, both external and internal, to assist with the commercialization process. Mentors are talented individuals with significant experience and expertise in specific industry segments and in entrepreneurism. D2P welcomes external mentors who are interested in taking an advisory role in one or more projects, applying their specialized knowledge toward the successful creation of a start-up. D2P’s internal mentors, Mentors-in-Residence, are also available to assist all of the projects. Like their external counterparts, they are extremely experienced and successful experts dedicated to aiding in the development of business models for D2P’s projects.

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