I-Corps Program

Are you a campus researcher working on a science or engineering innovation? Do you want to explore its commercialization potential? The I-Corps program could help advance your innovation whether you’re faculty, a postdoc, or a student—and provide up to $50,000 in funding. Participating in I-Corps can be influential in your long-term success and it’s one step along the way—like an elective class on your way to a degree.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) created I-Corps (Innovation Corps) to bridge the gap between fundamental research discoveries in science, and the commercialization of technologies, products and processes with the potential to benefit society. This program has been adopted by other federal agencies including NIH, NASA, Department of Defense and Department of Energy to support innovation development.

At D2P, we provide innovation and entrepreneurial training and resources to guide you on your path to achieve your full career potential. Over 85% of past UW–Madison I-Corps teams have participated in one or more of D2P’s training programs, mentoring, and/or grant funding.

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I-Corps participant Margaret Lumley, Co-founder and CEO of ChloBis Water, Inc. with her D2P mentor Aimee Arnoldussen.