D2P has helped launch or grow more than 100 startups since its inception in 2014. Here are just a few of the innovative companies that we have been proud to assist through programs and mentoring.

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AB E Discovery’s mission is to commercialize entrepreneurial science, with a focus on bio-functional food and feed ingredients. It grew out of technology developed at UW-Madison by Professor Mark Cook and post-doctoral researcher Jordan Sand, who discovered an antibody in chicken eggs that could be used as an all-natural feed ingredient to support gut health in animals.

Business website for Ab E Discovery

AIQ Solutions’ medical device software provides comprehensive treatment response assessments for people with metastatic cancer. The artificial intelligence-driven imaging technology allows researchers to better understand disease and physicians to manage patients more effectively. Co-founders include Robert Jeraj PhD and Glenn Liu MD from the University of Wisconsin.

Business website for AIQ Solutions

Atrility Medical was co-founded by a physician, a business professor, and biomedical engineers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The company is focused on improving lives through advances in medical device technology. Atrility’s first FDA cleared device, the AtriAmp, improves the speed and accuracy of electrocardiogram (ECG) technology to evaluate arrhythmias by providing continuous, real-time monitoring of post-operative patients.

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AyrFlo is a novel respiratory monitoring device that can detect airway compromise by measuring airflow across the windpipe, detecting changes in breathing immediately and earlier than ‘surrogate’ factors like pulse oximetry. The company was co-founded by Pediatric Anesthesiologist Guelay Bilen-Rosas, MD, Radiologist Humberto Rosas, MD, and data scientist Irene Ong, PhD.

Business website for AyrFlo Founder profile

Boosted Chews is a startup company co-founded by Kit Chow (Biosystems Engineering) and Aditya Parihar (Chemical Engineering), who as UW—Madison seniors, invented its signature product: bite-sized, caffeinated chocolate.

Business website for Boosted Chews Founder profile

BrainXell was founded by Professor Su-Chun Zhang. The company’s technology harnesses the potential of stem cells by directing their growth toward a specific neuron cell type. Its mission is to bring the most relevant neuronal cell models to researchers and develop stem cell therapy for neurological injuries and diseases in collaboration with the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

Business website for BrainXell

Cellular Logistics’ proprietary biomaterial product promises to revitalize damaged heart tissue and improve outcomes for the estimated 30 million patients worldwide projected to suffer from heart failure by 2030. The company was co-founded by Professor Amish Raval and researcher Eric Schmuck at UW–Madison.

Business website for Cellular Logistics

ChloBis Water, Inc. is developing an energy-efficient water desalination technology for the removal and reuse of salt compounds from saline water sources including wastewater, improving access to and preservation of freshwater sources. UW-Madison Professor of Chemistry Kyoung-Shin Choi, Assistant Scientist Do-Hwan Nam, and alum Margaret Lumley are founders.

Business website for ChloBis Water Founder profile

The technology behind Earth RepAIR, Inc. uses existing waste materials to capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and safely stores it as a stable mineral, benefitting industries with hard-to-abate emissions. This cost-effective and sustainable air capture solution was developed by UW–Madison researchers Dr. Robert Anex and Dr. Bu Wang.

Business website for Earth RepAIR

EduReality uses virtual reality for STEAM education and technical training, offering various simulations meant to encourage immersive learning. Educators can use this technology to teach students industry skills through risk-free trial and error, or to introduce them to environments that would be inaccessible otherwise. EduReality was co-founded by UW–Madison alumni Clayton Custer and Taylor Waddell. 

Business website for EduReality

Elektrifi is developing portable microgrids: small, independent electricity networks that serve just a few users and are often powered by renewable energy sources. The company is based on technology that came out of the research of Giri Venkataramanan, UW–Madison Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and it was co-founded by Ashray Manur, Postdoctoral Research Associate in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Sarada, Professor in the Wisconsin School of Business.

Business website for Elektrifi

FoodChain is a digital platform that allows producers to list, advertise, and sell their products in new markets while purchasers can browse an active inventory of local foods and have all their products consolidated into a single purchaser order and digital invoice. The company was co-founded by UW alum Ben Winters ’19 during the last year of his undergraduate degree program in the School of Business. FoodChain was acquired by the Dohmen Group in 2020.

Business website for FoodChain Founder profile

Happy Wellness offers a unique floor mat and digital communication system that facilitates physical and occupational therapy in a whole new way. The company was co-founded by UW–Madison Family Medicine Professor Dr. Paul Smith and Paul Mross, UW­-Madison research consultant on fall prevention and yoga.

Business website for Happy Wellness Founder profile

Hello! Loom is a hand-held loom designed for easy, convenient, and small-scale weaving. It was developed by UW–Madison Professor of Design Studies Marianne Fairbanks alongside her social weaving project, the Weaving Lab.

Business website for Hello! Loom

Immuto Scientific is dedicated to developing breakthrough solutions that accelerate the drug discovery process for protein therapeutics used in the treatment of difficult-to-cure diseases such as cancer. The company was co-founded by post-doctoral researcher Faraz Choudhury and graduate student Daniel Benjamin, both with the UW–Madison Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Business website for Immuto Scientific

KineVid uses machine vision and artificial intelligence to analyze, evaluate, and improve lifting ergonomics in the workplace to reduce the number of lower back injuries. The company was founded by Professor Robert Radwin in the College of Engineering.

Business website for KineVid

Last Lock has created a way to transform any doorway or lock into a smart access control system. Unlike mechanical locks, the last lock cylinder uses a special scanning system allowing it to read and be opened by any desired physical key. It was invented by UW–Madison alum Jack Ryan.

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Linectra is developing a high­ resolution and high-throughput 3D metal printer that serves as a platform for manufacturers to rapidly produce their own custom metal products. The company was co-founded by UW-Madison medical physics alum Brandon Walker, PhD and emeritus professor of Medical Physics Rock Mackie.

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Mount Horeb Hemp produces third-party certified CBD oil from its own locally-grown organic hemp flowers. It was founded by Kattia Jiménez, Project Manager for the UW–Madison All of Us research program.

Business website for Mount Horeb Hemp Founder profile

My Home Stars was co-founded by Joel Baraka and Anson Liow while they were students at UW–Madison. The social enterprise aims to develop accessible, fun, and engaging curriculum-based games for school going children. Its first product is the 5 STAZ board game that is based on the Ugandan education curriculum and has been supporting learning for primary school children.

Business website for My Home Stars

Nalox-ZONE is a free program designed to increase access to naloxone, a drug used to treat opioid overdoses. By distributing free rescue kits containing the drug throughout Wisconsin communities, they hope to prevent more opioid fatalities. Cindy Burzinski of UW-Madison Department of Family Medicine and Community Health is the lead on this project.

Business website for Nalox-Zone

Phantech serves the biomedical imaging community with innovative phantom technology to drive more accurate, streamlined and standardized quantitative and quality management procedures. With a line of anthropomorphic phantoms designed to mimic human tissues, the company will support further development of personalized radiopharmaceutical therapy. It was co-founded by researchers from the UW–Madison Department of Radiology.

Business website for PhanTech

ProPhounD provides career preparation to grad students and postdocs, focusing on assisting them in the transition from academia to industry so they can achieve their full potential and impact. The company works collaboratively with employers worldwide to guide them to finding their next team member. Morgridge Institute for Research postdoc fellow Alyssa Adams is one of the founders.

Business website for ProPhounD

Pyran has developed a sustainable process to use renewable wood and crop waste resources to produce key ingredients used in paints and coatings. The company was founded by postdoctoral researchers Kevin Barnett and Chemical and Biological Engineering Professor George Huber.

Business website for Pyran

Realta Fusion offers a clean, safe, and affordable alternative source of high quality heat for industrial use. Instead of relying on nuclear fission, its technology uses a fusion process, which does not create long-lived radioactive nuclear waste. The company was co-founded by UW–Madison researchers Jay Anderson, PhD, Cary Forest, PhD, Kieran Furlong, MBA, Ben Lindley, PhD, and Oliver Schmitz, PhD. 

Business website for Realta Fusion

SixLine Semiconductor, co-founded by Dr. Michael S. Arnold and Dr. Katy Jinkins, modernizes conventional semiconductors fabricated with silicon materials. Instead, their revolutionary device relies on carbon nanotubes, which outperform silicon in both cost-efficiency and performance.

Business website for SixLine Semiconductor

SteadyShot is a device that is intended to help stabilize the injection site during the injection of drugs using a needle. The device is being developed as an add-on for insulin pen needles that help diabetics inject insulin. It was invented by UW–Madison alum Shawn Michels while he was a junior in the School of Business.

Business website for SteadyShot Founder profile

StemPharm was co-founded by Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Orthopedics Bill Murphy. The company develops biomaterials and human organoids to aid in drug discovery, cell therapy and regenerative medicine.

Business website for StemPharm Founder profile

Using high-speed graphics processing, Voximetry‘s technology helps deliver personalized radiopharmaceutical therapy (a radioactive drug)—a safe, effective and targeted approach to tumor treatment. The co-founding UW-Madison Department of Medical Physics team includes Bryan Bednarz, Joseph Grudzinski and Paul Wickre.

Business website for Voximetry Founder profile

Yips Snacks is a yogurt-based healthy snack food company created by UW–Madison student Erin Vranas and her husband Dimitri. Their initial product line is Yips Yogurt Chips, the first shelf-stable, crunchy chips made from probiotic yogurt.

Business website for Yips Snacks Founder profile